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Professional Optometrist in Shippensburg, PA

If you find yourself squinting while you’re reading or your child comes home from school with headaches, it’s time to schedule an eye exam. For professional and efficient vision care services, make an appointment with Cable Eye Associates, LLC. Located in Shippensburg, PA, our expert and friendly staff will help you maintain your vision and your eye health.

In 1996, our optometrist, John Cable Jr., received his Doctor of Optometry degree from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry. With more than 20 years of experience, he is able to diagnose and treat numerous types of vision problems that plague children, teenagers, adults, and seniors. 

He does his best to stay current on the latest innovations and technologies in the optical field to ensure his patients are receiving the best vision care.

As a full-service optometry office, we provide a number of services, including eye exams, dry eye treatment, astigmatism treatment, and sore eye diagnosis and treatment. We also evaluate vision impairment and provide solutions for correction. We have an extensive selection of frames and will happily fit you with contact lenses.

Our staff can easily help you, no matter what your vision care needs are. Call our office today to set up your next eye exam appointment with our optometrist.


We will always make time to listen to your problems and concerns so we can offer you the best treatment. From your responses, we will recommend the best product or treatment based on your habits and lifestyle.    

Eye for Detail

The eye is one of the most important and complex organs of the human body. Our doctor pays close attention to how well you can see, as well as to the shape of your eye, how light is hitting the back of it, and if there are any signs of cataracts or glaucoma.   


We have years of experience and will put those years to work for you and your family. Our optometrist, Dr. John Cable, has worked in the field for more than 22 years.